Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain (LBP)

Low back pain affects approximately 80% of Americans at one point in their lives. Low back pain is considered the second most common reason people choose to visit a pain specialist’s office. The lower back hosts the most used joints in our body, which are the hip joints. Not just that, but when there is a problem with muscles or nerves in the lower back, there is a tremendous amount of pain that can impact a person’s everyday life. Low back pain can be the result of many different situations and activities, including.

Heavy lifting, awkward movements, muscle spasms, bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatica, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, aging, anxiety, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, strenuous activity, pregnancy, sprained ligaments, ruptured disks, strained muscles, poor posture, stress, and obesity.

To properly treat your low back pain, a pain relief specialist at The Advanced Pain Relief Institute in Lindenhurst may provide a various treatment methods to your low back and pelvis to help realign any subluxation and relieve tension caused by low back pain. Our pain relieving treatments are aimed at helping your body heal naturally, so you can avoid using muscle relaxants and pain killers to mask the symptoms rather than treat them. Pain relieving treatments at The Advanced Pain Relief Institute in Lindenhurst is not only more effective than most drugs on the market, but our treatment is also much less expensive.

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Lower back pain is a common problem that severely impacts the quality of your life. It can limit your ability to be active. It can make you to miss work. Many different causes may lead to pain in your lower back.

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Why Does Lower Back Pain Occur?

Lower Back Pain may originate from an injury to the sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower back to the buttock and into each leg. A lumbar herniated disc, on the other hand, may also result in severe lower back pain. This happens when a disc in the lower back herniates and pinches the contiguous nerve root. These two conditions can cause people to experience severe lower back pain, lower extremity weakness, numbness in the upper thighs, and even loss of bladder or bowel control among other symptoms. The cause of lower back pain can occur during many different situations, such as: strenuous activity, hard physical contact with other people, a hard fall, long periods of bending over, and even a rollercoaster can cause issues with the lower back. Regardless of how the pain occurs, at The Advanced Pain Relief Institute in Lindhurst, we have the treatment you need to help you find relief for pain.

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How Does The Advanced Pain Relief Institute Assess Lower Back Pain?

Assessing a patient with lower back pain may require an X-Ray, an MRI, and a physical examination by a doctor. Assessing the pain is actually one of most difficult things to do for doctors because it’s about communication, and establishing a dialogue about pain between the patient and doctor can be challenging based on the amount of information to obtain in a short amount of time. For instance, a typical assessment will begin with consulting your health history. Doctors will want to know if the pain is intermittent or constant, the kind of pain (e.g., stabbing, burning), pain triggers, when pain is more likely to occur during the day, and how much pain you are in on a scale of 0-10. After establishing a dialogue of your situation and understanding the extent of your pain, doctors will inquire about previous treatments and any medications you are taking. Some doctors may ask you to keep a journal of the pain that details when you have pain and the types of pain that occur. This will help them better understand the patterns of your condition. A good assessment will help doctors understand what type of treatment will best suit you to relieve the amount of stress you have.

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Various Treatments Offer Our Patients Options

At The Advanced Pain Relief Institute, we strive to find the root of the pain.

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